This Course Includes

A one-month journey into deepening and transforming your practice with a fresh take on simple tools from ancient Buddhist Wisdom

  • Short, downloadable lessons on each of the Four Reliances

  • Journal/Homework prompts for each week to reflect on and engage with the material

  • A downloadable reading of Tidy Up, a practice poem by Dr. Larry Ward

  • Videos to help you get started

Tidy up your practice and go deeper

Four weeks of examination, healing and transformation


Tidy Up Your Practice Using Classic Buddhist Wisdom

A different principle each week

  • Tidy up your attachment to the teacher

    Rely on the message of the dharma and not the personality of the teacher

  • Tidy up your attachment to linguistics and logic

    Rely on the meaning of the message and not just the words

  • Tidy up your reluctance to change

    Rely on the real depth/transformational meaning and not just the words- how the message changes your life and consciousness

  • Tidy up the quality of your own practice

    Rely on your own wisdom mind and practice - Rely on the insights of your own practice and knowing the taste of liberation.


Dr. Larry Ward

Senior Dharma Teacher

Dr. Larry Ward

(Pronouns: He/Him) One of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s most senior, non-monastic Dharma Teachers, Larry has a PhD in Religious Studies with a Buddhism emphasis. His dissertation focused on the intersection of mindfulness and neuroscience. His teaching style, which he calls, “Deep Buddhism,” is interdisciplinary, integrating Buddhism with neuroscience, trauma/resiliency work, indigenous wisdom and social imagination. His aim is to energize the Bodhisattva ideal through an embodied Buddhist practice that supports the healing and transformation of societal karma at the deepest levels of body and mind. Larry is a knowledgeable, charismatic and inspirational teacher, expressing his insights with personal stories and resounding clarity, expressing his dharma name, “True Great Sound."

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