Why a Gate?

In many houses of worship there are gates you must walk through to get into the heart of the space. The image of a gate is an invitation to go deeper. To cross into a new place. To start to change our way of thinking and seeing things.

Each gate represents a key piece of what in our experience is needed to achieve individual and collective liberation. Your course instructor, Dr. Larry Ward—a PhD in Religious Studies, a certified instructor from The Trauma Institute and a senior Zen Buddhist Dharma teacher—will provide valuable tools and teachings grounded in his 30 years of experience in trauma resiliency and mindfulness practice.

Explore the gates

Each course comes with lifetime access to the lesson talks, guided meditations, journaling exercises and additional resources.

The Earth Gate: healing the nervous system

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The Wind Gate: releasing trauma

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The Thunder Gate: stepping into freedom

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The Dragon Gate: embodying our powers

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    • No. It is recommended that you take the Earth Gate before any other course as it is the first and foundational course. The Earth Gate stands alone as a useful tool for healing and transformation.